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The Sartorial Art Journal Fashion Plates: Summer Formal Wear

June 19, 2014


In the second half of our review of the Costume Institute’s incredible collection of digitized Sartorial Art Journal fashion plates, we look at the eveningwear illustrations that supplemented various summer issues.  While evening tailcoats were regularly featured in November and December plates, they were very rarely worn in the hot summer months.  Thus, the only […]

Indiana Jones and the Tuxedo of Doom

June 11, 2014


Every now and then I’m asked about the legitimacy of the silk facing on the white dinner jacket featured in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.  My answer is that while it might be legitimate for the 1980s production timeline it certainly wasn’t for the 1930s narrative. Of the dozens of Depression-era white DJ references I have on file from leading menswear […]

Dinner Jackets and Dress Shorts

June 5, 2014


In the spirit of summer’s arrival, here’s a novel approach to warm-weather black tie from the Life archives: dinner jackets and dress shorts. The photo above is from an August 1953 article about maverick American men seeking summer relief in the form of knee-length shorts. According to the story, “Properly worn with knee-length wool socks, […]

Black Tie on the Nieuw Amsterdam

March 25, 2013


I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise that was not only a wonderful vacation but also a thought-provoking reminder of how far I’ve come in my black tie journey. As I explain in the introduction to The Black Tie Guide, the site originated with preparations for my first cruise in 2004.   I wanted to be […]

Mad Men Formal, German Style (Part II)

June 9, 2012


In the second of three posts on Jet Age German formal styling, we look at some supersonic takes on warm-weather black tie. SUMMER DINNER JACKET VARIATIONS The elegant appearance of this summery evening dress gives this formal attire many fans, especially since its details are not as demanding and uncomfortable as they once used to […]

Vintage Warm-Weather Black Tie

May 18, 2012


After writing all week I have finally finished a new page dedicated to Vintage Warm-Weather Black Tie just in time for the start of the summer season in Canada and the US. Some of the more interesting tidbits I (re)discovered during the process: full-dress summer events had disappeared from the US by the 1920s and […]

My White Dinner Jacket: Take II

May 6, 2012


Well it took quite a while but I finally got my Jos. A. Bank white dinner jacket back from the tailors.  As I mentioned in  a previous post, it fitted so poorly that it had to be completely taken apart and reconstructed.  The shoulders are now more natural, the waist is tapered, the sleeves have […]


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