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Hall of Shame: Bad Plaid

March 12, 2014


So often the best arguments for traditional formal wear are the arguments against it.  This excerpt from a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette could be a carbon copy of similar proclamations written since the 1960s, all featuring outfits that were quickly dispensed to history’s rubbish bin. For far too long, formal dress for men […]

Spotlight: Tartan Trousers

June 24, 2012


Having reviewed plaid accessories and plaid dinner jackets I would be remiss if I did not mention the final and rarest plaid alternative: trousers.  Or, more specifically, trews which are close-fitting tartan trousers that form part of Scottish Lowland Dress along with a Prince Charlie jacket or a dinner jacket. Sartorially adventurous Americans have been […]

Spotlight: The Tartan Dinner Jacket

June 21, 2012


Tartan dinner jackets hit the spotlight in 1949 when Tailor and Cutter, the bible of London’s menswear industry, blasted Americans for starting the “deplorable” fad.  “Not even Scots would dare to follow this trend” it proclaimed.  Imagine the editors’ mortification when it was reported the following year that King George VI owned two of the […]

Plaid Tidings: Holiday Black Tie

December 5, 2011


The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time for dressing up. Not only do black-tie charity galas peak around this time of year but it’s also become the last bastion of private black-tie parties.  This became apparent as I was researching historical menswear magazines and noticed that as the century progressed formalwear articles […]


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