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Daniel Craig at Skyfall Premiere

November 7, 2012


A number of comments have been made in recent postings about the tuxedo worn by Daniel Craig to the British premiere of Skyfall so I thought I should post a picture for everyone to see what the chatter is about. Mr. Craig is wearing a midnight (navy?) blue evening jacket in place of the usual […]

Skyfall DJ Preview II

September 5, 2012


A recently released set of posters for Skyfall provides a closer look at Bond’s next dinner suit.  According to it is a Tom Ford “O’Connor” tuxedo, the same one Craig wore as Bond in the Olympics opening ceremony (and which Bradley Cooper wore to the most recent Oscars).  It will no doubt be a […]

All the Trimmings

June 18, 2012


Most people are familiar with the use of lapel facings to add flair to a tuxedo but likely few are aware that the jacket’s collar and cuffs can be used for this purpose as well. The history of formalwear trimmings can be traced back to the first evening tailcoats produced during the English Regency.  They […]

Brace Yourself

April 20, 2012


One of the many valuable things I learned from Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man is that better suspenders are sold in sizes.  As with waistcoats and cummerbunds (which were also sized in the past), I’ve come to realize that “one size fits all” really means “one size makes do”.  Such accessories accommodate obese men by […]

Being James Bond Part II: The Accompaniments

October 31, 2011

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(originally written for Having established what kind of tuxedo will make you look like a secret agent instead of a formal waiter, here is your guide to the proper 007 shirt, necktie, waist covering and footwear. Bond’s CIA counterpart Felix Leiter would likely tell you that the only true tuxedo shirt is the wing […]

Being James Bond Part I: The 007 Tuxedo

October 30, 2011


(originally written for For many men James Bond personifies the ultimate male.  While plenty of action heroes are skilled with fast cars and lethal force, only Bond balances these primal traits with civilized tastes and seductive charm.  Thanks to the iconic depiction of the character sporting a deadly handgun and elegant tuxedo, young men […]


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