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Spotlight: Evening Dress Gloves

June 10, 2014


Even more than the tailed coats they’re worn with, formal gloves are a sartorial protocol that has become completely foreign to the average man. While the role of outdoor gloves in protecting the hands from inclement weather is self-evident, there seems to be no logical purpose for covering one’s hands when indoors. As I explain in […]

Profile: Hansen’s Clothing, Robert Talbott and Gitman Bros.

March 28, 2014


Last month I mentioned that I had recently investigated two of the few American menswear brands that offer classically inclined formal wear.  Having profiled the offerings of Paul Stuart, it’s time to take a look at Robert Talbott formal wear and its primary supplier, Hansen’s Clothing. The Robert Talbott company originated in 1950 when New York […]

Advanced Cravatology

March 25, 2014


Despite being such a simple accessory – or perhaps because of it – the bow tie is offered in a dizzying array of options.  I describe the various shapes, models, and materials on the Black Tie Guide’s Classic Neckwear page but there are a few more interesting insights I’ve gleaned since then. Fabric Having recently purchased […]

Up Close: Studs and Links

March 20, 2013


A recent discussion by blog readers about the correctness of silver evening jewelry prompted me to add a history of formal studs and cufflinks to The Black Tie Guide.  Some interesting findings from my research: Shirt studs originated in response to the the invention of stiff-front shirts which were too heavily starched to be buttoned. […]

Something Old, Something New

October 31, 2012


When I began assembling my black-tie wardrobe I was eager to obtain every conceivable variation as quickly as possible.  Each time I discovered a previously unknown sartorial tradition such as proper dress watches or proper braces I felt I had to track them down immediately so they would be on hand for my next outing.  […]

The Velvet Bow Tie

July 9, 2012


I’m a big fan of the black velvet bow tie that’s become a popular alternative on the red carpet as of late.  Its pitch-black appearance and prominent placement under the face add a dramatic punctuation to Black Tie without degrading the outfit’s refined minimalism.   It’s this adroit balance of flair and understatement that makes it […]

Up Close: The Detachable Collar

July 7, 2012

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The exquisite attention to detail I mentioned in my review of Brooks Brothers’ authentic full-dress waistcoat and shirt applies not just to the garments but to the peripherals too.  In particular, the accoutrements associated with the detachable shirt collar. First there are the collar studs which come in different sizes corresponding to their function: a […]


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