2014 Annual Review: Another Banner Year

April 3, 2014



On the anniversary of the début of The Black Tie Guide’s first edition in March 2008 we take our annual look at who’s visiting the site and blog, and why. The Guide If The Black Tie Guide’s popularity is a barometer of general interest in formal wear then the latest stats are great news: site traffic increased by […]

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Dude, Where’s My Jacket?

March 31, 2014



You know that guy at a formal party who takes off his jacket the first chance he gets? Don’t be that guy. At least not beyond high school.  Boys can be forgiven for doffing their coats at formal teenage parties, partly because it’s a practical choice when dancing up a storm and partly because it’s understood that at this age a suit is […]

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Profile: Hansen’s Clothing, Robert Talbott and Gitman Bros.

March 28, 2014



Last month I mentioned that I had recently investigated two of the few American menswear brands that offer classically inclined formal wear.  Having profiled the offerings of Paul Stuart, it’s time to take a look at Robert Talbott formal wear and its primary supplier, Hansen’s Clothing. The Robert Talbott company originated in 1950 when New York […]

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Advanced Cravatology

March 25, 2014



Despite being such a simple accessory – or perhaps because of it – the bow tie is offered in a dizzying array of options.  I describe the various shapes, models, and materials on the Black Tie Guide’s Classic Neckwear page but there are a few more interesting insights I’ve gleaned since then. Fabric Having recently purchased […]

Spotlight: The Marcella Shirt

March 19, 2014



The Marcella shirt is a uniquely British compromise between the formality of the traditional full-dress shirt and the comfort of the American black-tie shirt. The term evolves from Marseilles in reference to that city’s production of quilts with distinctive raised patterns beginning in the early 18th century.  In the latter part of the century, Lancashire […]

The Outstation

March 17, 2014



The Outstation is a 1924 short story by Somerset Maugham about a self-exiled British gentleman named Warburton in charge of a remote outpost in Borneo.  The story opens as his new assistant, a young Barbadian named Alan Cooper, arrives by boat. Despite his misgivings about losing his status as the sole white man, Warbuton greets […]

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Formal Lapel Pins

March 13, 2014



There’s been a subtle yet noteworthy change to the tuxedo images on the Brooks Brothers site: a United States flag pin has been digitally added to the lapel of all but one of the jackets.  (It appears that the Great Gatsby model’s historical authenticity won out over national pride.)   Which begs the question, are lapel […]

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