The Sartorial Art Journal Fashion Plates: Summer Formal Wear

June 19, 2014



In the second half of our review of the Costume Institute’s incredible collection of digitized Sartorial Art Journal fashion plates, we look at the eveningwear illustrations that supplemented various summer issues.  While evening tailcoats were regularly featured in November and December plates, they were very rarely worn in the hot summer months.  Thus, the only […]

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The Sartorial Art Journal Fashion Plates: In Living Colour

June 17, 2014



The tailoring trade magazine The Sartorial Art Journal was published from 1874 until 1954 and a number of its early fashion plates were reprinted in a 1990 book called Men’s Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century which explains their background: Large-format fashion illustrations were issued as a supplement to The Sartorial Art Journal for […]

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Indiana Jones and the Tuxedo of Doom

June 11, 2014



Every now and then I’m asked about the legitimacy of the silk facing on the white dinner jacket featured in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.  My answer is that while it might be legitimate for the 1980s production timeline it certainly wasn’t for the 1930s narrative. Of the dozens of Depression-era white DJ references I have on file from leading menswear […]

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Spotlight: Evening Dress Gloves

June 10, 2014


(Courtesy of A Suitable Wardrobe)

Even more than the tailed coats they’re worn with, formal gloves are a sartorial protocol that has become completely foreign to the average man. While the role of outdoor gloves in protecting the hands from inclement weather is self-evident, there seems to be no logical purpose for covering one’s hands when indoors. As I explain in […]

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Dinner Jackets and Dress Shorts

June 5, 2014



In the spirit of summer’s arrival, here’s a novel approach to warm-weather black tie from the Life archives: dinner jackets and dress shorts. The photo above is from an August 1953 article about maverick American men seeking summer relief in the form of knee-length shorts. According to the story, “Properly worn with knee-length wool socks, […]

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It Never Hurts to Dress Up

June 3, 2014



This drawing is by a young artist with a longing for the lost days of style and formality.  I love how it captures not just the elegance of yesteryear but also a certain youthful innocence.

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After Six Expands Offerings

May 22, 2014



Two years ago I posted that After Six, America’s largest and most influential tuxedo manufacturer and wholesaler, had been liquidated in 2011 and the brand had been purchased by The Dessy Group.  At that time the new owners had just launched their first tuxedo under the After Six name, a  contemporary 2-button notched-lapel style called The Paragon that […]

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