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Reader Role Models: Doubly Debonnaire

October 28, 2013


Probably the most common type of inquiry I receive from grooms-to-be is “I know it’s not technically correct to wear a tuxedo to my afternoon wedding but . . . “  But nothing.  Reader Duncan Pike of Vancouver demonstrates precisely why  traditional etiquette prescribes different time-specific attire for a daytime wedding followed by an evening […]

Up Close: Link-Front Coats

July 18, 2013


A link-front coat or jacket is one that is closed by two connected buttons similar to a cufflink. The original version appears to be early morning coats that used a stand-alone pair of linked buttons which were inserted into buttonholes on either side of the coat’s front.  Over time it became more common for the […]

The Buffalo Club

April 3, 2013


Reader Bill Cleary from Buffalo, New York (seen on the right) is living the formal dream, as are his fellow members of The Buffalo Club.  The club is steeped in tradition having been incorporated in 1867 by a group of men that included former U.S. president Millard Fillmore.  A book published for the organization’s 125th […]

A New Morning Dress Primer

August 16, 2012


Dressing improperly for formal daytime affairs is now twice as inexcusable thanks to this week’s launch of The Morning Dress Guide by the editor of The Gentleman’s Gazette. Like the Andrews and Pygott: The Morning Dress Guide that premiered last year, the new generously illustrated blog delves into the finer points of morning dress but […]

1907 Formal Wear III: The Frock Coat

August 9, 2012


We continue our trip back in time to Edwardian America courtesy of The Blue Book of Men’s Tailoring with a look at formal day wear. The frock coat, as worn in the twentieth century, is a heritage handed down to us by our ancestors.  It is a modification of the coat which has been worn […]

Mad Men Formal, German Style (Part III)

June 10, 2012


In the third of three posts on Jet Age German formal styling, we look at an example of formal day wear. PLENARY SESSION The morning suit (also called a “Stresemann”) is executed in different variations: double-breasted or single-breasted, closing with two or three buttons. Its characteristic feature is the combination with striped trousers of dark […]

Morning Dress at the Diamond Jubilee

June 7, 2012


Britain once again displayed its impressive penchant for pageantry at the official celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee last weekend.  The Queen’s sons and grandsons also reminded the world how to dress in a manner truly befitting a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. For details of morning dress attire and etiquette see the Morning Dress page of […]

Flashback: The Cutaway’s Curtain Call

April 29, 2012


Following World War Two, menswear in the United States broke away from Old World stylings and began to fashion a distinctly American emphasis on athleticism, youthfulness and informality.  This marked the beginning of the end for Morning Dress which became increasingly relegated to the role of wedding attire.  By the 1960s even that role was […]

Happy Medium for Morning Dress

April 12, 2012


Formerly in London it was not permissible for a man to go to a luncheon or afternoon party in anything but a black tail-coat and striped trousers – the official morning-dress.  Now he may go in a lounge-suit, but this should be of dark material or blue serge. Many men strike a happy mean by […]

Easter Parade

April 5, 2012


The unfettered materialism of Christmas has obscured the fact that Easter is actually the most important holiday in the Christian calendar.  Back in the day the well-to-do would don their very best for Easter services which meant morning dress for the gentlemen.  In New York City they would then literally parade their finery down 5th […]


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