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Flashback: 1920s Etiquette

February 14, 2013


I came across this wonderful cartoon on the Cutter and Tailor forum.  The person who posted it informs me that it came from a 1924 issue of Vanity Fair and that the caption was “Dinner jacket is SEMIformal.” Ah for the days when a full black-tie kit was the formal equivalent of slumming it.  

Vienna Balls Dress Codes

February 7, 2013


While writing a recent post on Vienna’s famous balls I stumbled across a remarkable booklet called DRESSCODES that is devoted entirely to the dress etiquette for these affairs.  I say “remarkable” because in an age where vulgarity and slovenliness is increasingly fashionable, Vienna’s social leaders have the audacity to suggest that people hold themselves to […]

The Joy of Tux

October 25, 2012


A Robb Report article once stated “of all the days that blend into years that drift into the past, tuxedo days are, without exception, special days.” After a year-long black-tie drought I finally had a chance to don my own tuxedo recently and discovered this adage to be as true as ever. The sense of […]

Review: GQ’s “The New Rules of Black Tie”

September 4, 2012

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In direct opposition to its title, GQ’s latest guide to Black Tie etiquette is one of the most conservative interpretations in the periodical’s history.  This time around the magazine best known for slavishly promoting the latest fashion fads has sought advice from a source epitomizing conventional style: Alfred Dunhill, an established English retailer of men’s […]

Afternoon Weddings, Evening Receptions

April 3, 2012


I get a lot of queries from North American brides and grooms about what dress is appropriate for formal weddings that straddle the dividing line between day and evening.  I answer this question in the Guide’s Formal Evening Weddings  page but it’s worth repeating here. To recap the standard etiquette, if the ceremony and reception […]

Review: Details Formal Guides

December 10, 2011


As conservative as I may be, I’m the first to admit that if it wasn’t for change black tie would have never developed such natty variations as the white dinner jacket and the formal turndown collar shirt.  However these changes were introduced by impeccable dressers and their experienced tailors who understood the rules well enough […]

Review: Sharp Magazine’s Book for Men Fall/Winter 2011

November 20, 2011

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On the heels of Esquire‘s online guide to black tie comes more encouraging news for tuxedo tradition. Sharp magazine’s The Book for Men is the Canadian equivalent of Esquire‘s Big Black Book and the Fall/Winter 2011 edition contains some relatively sound advice on evening wear.  Their “Definitive Rules of Black Tie” pictorial shows a “classic” […]


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